Worldview: Learning to Think and Live Biblically


Why do you see what you see…say what you say…think what you think…and do what you do?

It all begins with your worldview, and you already have one. Everyone does. And that worldview will determine everything about your life-from the tiniest details to your ultimate destiny.

Having a Biblical worldview means looking at life through the lens of the Bible. It’s how you see your world, and impacts everything you are-from morality to money to marriage to how you will vote in the next election. It’s the belief that an all knowing, all loving, all powerful, and good and righteous God is in control of the universe, and has an individual plan for your life, revealed in Scripture.

Drawing on the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount, pastor and author Greg Laurie shows you how to make sure your worldview is the right worldview-one that will help you navigate today’s challenges and lead you into an eternity of joy.

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