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Revelation: A Book of Promises

Is there a book in the Bible that is more misunderstood or mysterious than Revelation? In the 66 chapters of the Bible, no other book is the subject of more speculations, questions, and, yes, fear. In his new book, Revelation: A Book of Promises, pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie takes a deep dive and demystifies one of the most colorful and image-driven books of the Bible in what promises (no pun intended) to be a fascinating read.

Revelation: A Book of Promises is designed to help you see Jesus as the centerpiece, the star, and the focus of Revelation. With this eminently practical guide, you can experience the blessing promised to those who read, hear, and keep the works of this prophetic book. After all, Bible prophecy is not given to inflate our brains but to enlarge our hearts.

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